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we started working toward our cause from the slum area of haldwani.In the beginning we identified those childre’s of these slum areas who have lost thier parents due to any reasons.If not admitted in the schools getting them admitted in the schools and we are taking care of all those things(fee, bags,books, two pair of summer and winter clothes in a year,complete bedding etc.) of these chilldren’s which are essentially reqired to a child.

Our programs :-

We have starting this from the poor children’s education & upbringing of certain slum area of Haldwani city.Presently only few people are associated with this Society for helping the real needy children’s as people will associated with we are committed to cover all poor people of the slum area as well as the villages of this hill state. After helping these poor children’s of certain slum areas we will cover all poor children’s of the this Hill states & after that we have many plans to help the families of these poor children’s also.

Donation :-

Your donation will provide a better future to these poor children and their families. You can donate any amount to these children or if you want to sponsor a child your annual contribution is Rs. 6000 (Rs. Six Thousand) i,e Rs. 500/pm. (This include food to them). Being a sponsor you are free to talk to them. We assure you that you will receive much more that you pay.

Interested people for the donation may contact to our registered office through letter, mail or phone. All information are available in our website.

Registered office
Parwati Vihar, Malla Gorakhpur,
Haldwani, Distt. Nainital, Uttrakhand, (India).
Contact No. 9412084619, 9412085619
E-mail:- gururani.cs@gmail.com, cs_gururani@yahoo.com

List of Management Committee & Others

1. Ghanshyam Gururani
2. Bala Dutt Tiwari (President)
3. Dr. R.G. Nautiyal (Sr. vice President)
4. Bhuwan Dungrakoti (Vice President)
5. C.S. Gururani (Secretary)
6. Devki Nandan Joshi (Dy. Secretary)
7. Geeta Gururani (Treasurer)
8. Anil Joshi (Member)
9. B.S. Deopa (Member)

list of Donors

1. Paritosh Pant, Haldwani
2. Puneet Agarwal, Haldwani
3. Dr. A.B Oli, Haldwani
4. Shivraj Bisht, Haldwani
5. Bharat Bhushan Joshi, Haldwani
6. Mamta Joshi, GGIC, Nainital
7. Bhawna Mohan, Ambla
8. Pankaj Bohra, Haldwani
9. H.M Upadhyay, Haldwani
10. Sandeep Bhasin, New Delhi
11. Sanjeevani Hospital, Haldwani
12. Surjeet Singh Toliya, Uttarkashi
13. Mahender Singh Matura, Uttarkashi
14. N.S Rawat, New Delhi
15. Bhuwaneshwar Tiwari, Bageshwar


The List Of Adopted Children

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  • List Of Sponsors

    • 1. Hemant Kothari
    • 2. B.C. Joshi
    • 3. Neelam Agarwal